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Tickfaw Chronicles Intro

By Matthew Pettus:

Foreword by Robert Montenegro:

I wanted to preface Matthew's intro by giving some words of my own. Matt is one of the most genuine people you will ever meet. His passion and drive for the outdoors is unmatched. Besides being an extremely talented chef, Matt treats the wild game he is preparing with extreme respect. I am very fortunate to have him join me and add his own contribution to The Tickfaw Chronicles. Get ready for some great insights, delicious recipes, and hilarious stories!

Hey there, y’all, my name is Matt Pettus, and like most of you out there reading this, I too hold a deep connection to the land around me. In my eyes, food is simply the purest form of storytelling that we have to tap into. It can expose family ties, cultures, and sternly rooted traditions that each of us holds on to. This is why I forage. It has been the way of the people here in Louisiana for generations upon generations, and I see it my duty to preserve these practices along with the grounds that provide for us. I found my way around the kitchen through my years growing up in my family’s French Quarter restaurants and later through a more formal culinary training in Colorado. The opportunities I had in working for a few farm-to-table operations have placed locality and sustainability at the forefront of my mission as a cook. I’ve now taken those ideals a step further by learning to hunt, fish, and forage my way through the land in order to make groceries. So, I’ll be here tossing around some recipes, telling y’all what I think, what perplexes me, and how I think we can all positively impact the outdoor community. I am excited to carry on this culture with y’all.

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