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Who I am and why I started Tickfaw Chronicles.

Well, how do I start this blog out? I will begin by giving y'all a little background about me. I was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, and for those not from the South, being connected to the outdoors is a way of life. Growing up, being outdoors/hunting was integral to my childhood, but as I got older, these interests took a back seat to other interests in my life. We had a deer camp, and we would spend a lot of our summers in Cloutierville, Louisiana, at my grandfather's . We would fish for catfish in the barpit, ride four-wheelers, shoot doves, turtles, squirrels, or rabbits. Also, every summer, I would be shipped off to a camp in Tennessee, where I would take archery, riflery, horseback riding, and other camp activities. Then as a young man, I drifted away from my boyhood activities and focused on sports, friends, and other social events a teenager/college kid would concentrate on. As an adult, I felt that something was missing from my life, something integral to who I am. I soon realized that being outdoors was that missing piece. So I dove back into my love for the outdoors headfirst. That is what sparked my want to begin a blog. I already have a passion for writing, so I decided to combine both. With this blog, I want to give my point-of-view of hunting and outdoor activities, stories, and what to-dos, and I also want to have other contributors provide their point-of-views. So, without further ado, welcome to The Tickfaw Chronicles! Amuse-Vous!

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